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Magali SAVARY (1983)

Magali SAVARY (1983)
Cotation historique : 43.5/100

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Nationalité : French

Courant artistique : Art Figuratif
Place de l'artiste dans l'histoire de l'art : Élève
Disciplines artistiques : Illustration, Peinture, Tattoo - Tatouage

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Instagram : @art.magalisavary
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The Label H Cotation engages artists to respect the conditions of the charter (ici) H Cotation. Out of respect for this charter, the artists are willing to provide all the informations necessary to evaluate their historical cotation to highlight the evolution of their artwork and the sincerity of their artistic approach. The Label of the H Cotation allows objectively follow the career of an artist in transparency of information and interest of the investment on his artwork.  

Biographie "I work on what concerns humankind, our Soul, our identity, I wish that the public wondered about real "beauty" and the values which are present in each one of us; that the viewer who is in contact with the painting slipped into a gentle inner daydream in order to find through it the source of their Soul which makes them special, beautiful and unique.
Life is full of contrasts, so I take advantage of them in all their forms; for example, I oppose a work of matt black and white dry brushed materials to a smooth play of vibrant colors. Strongly inspired by the tattoo universe, both traditional and contemporary, and particularly attracted to the symbolism of the act that defines one's personality and life course; I use ink as if it were the essence of our Soul expressed through the "Soul Portraits" collection.
The painted bodies form a symbiotic relationship with the colorful Soul, these canvases are like "skins" that receive the liquid ink which flows recalling blood, source of life. This work raises the question of our ability to open up and to communicate with others about our real inner personality, the one which comes from our Soul..."

Magali is a young artist whose recognition is growing quickly. Her works have already been exported to New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Canada, Quebec, Germany, Norwayand Sarajevo. You can find her canvases exhibited regularly in various places in the Var and the Bouches du Rhône.
She recently participated in the International Street Painting Festival in Toulon and won the 1st prize at the Beton Fest which allowed her to represent France in Sarajevo to celebrate the 20 years of peace in August 2015.

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Prix et disctinctions
  • Mai 2015, 1er prix Béton Fest au festival international de Street Painting à Toulon pour partir représenter la France à Sarajevo en août 2015.

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