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Une cotation fiable du marché de l'art

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The present charter of the H Cotation Label represents a document that must be respected by all parties.

This document has a contract value. That all parties respect the terms herewith is an essential condition. Failing to respect those terms can lead to a deregistration from the H Cotation Label and from the H Cotation website,

The different items developed in this charter could be subjected to an examination through random audits or verification of the artist’s profile.

This charter is bound to be adapted according to the evolution of the H Cotation website, and according to the expectations of artists, professionals, collectors and members of the company.


Artists approved by the H Cotation Label must be in keeping with a transparent artistic approach, and must commit themselves to giving as much information as necessary for the calculation of their Historical Rating.

Artists also commit to respecting the rating attributed by the members of H Cotation. Furthermore, the members of H Cotation also undertake to respect the rating grid and to proceed to an unprejudiced rating process. Any attempt by an artist or an art professional at cheating or usurping will be punished by an immediate exclusion from the H Cotation Label.

1.Artistic performances taken into account by H Cotation

The H Cotation Label wishes to embrace as much artistic performances likely to benefit by a Historical Rating as possible. The Historical Rating’s sphere of action is international and includes all the disciplines linked to Art. Performances concerned are :

1.Painting in all its forms 
2.Sculpture in all its forms
4. Art installation in all its forms
5.Video art
10. Comic books
11. Engraving in all its forms
12. Arts and Crafts

By definition, the H Cotation Label wishes to be committed to the professionals and artists who work to satisfy the customers.

2.A subscription dedicated to artists, from 6.99€/month (All Tax Included)

The H Cotation Label offers several advantages to artists :

1. A personal account entitling the artist to an online profile,

2. The right to use and to circulate the H Cotation Label of the year of their subscription on their personal website and on their exhibition locations,

3. An examination of the artistic performances in the form of a rating representing the Historical Rating. This rating corresponds to the examination of the artist’s training and his/her capacity to communicate on his/her work, based on a referential that is common to all artists of the same category,

4. A virtual gallery online with unlimited circulation of the artworks’ pictures (optional),

5. A multilingual translation (French, German, Spanish, Chinese) of each artist’s profile for an international circulation (optional)

6. A link to the artist’s personal website(s),

7. Direct negotiation with art collectors, and without any financial contribution to be paid to the H Cotation company,

8. Inclusion in a privileged and serious network of artists, gallery owners and art collectors.

3.Rights of artists labelled H Cotation

All artists labelled H Cotation will see their biography, Historical Rating and Investment Potential updated within, at the most, 30 days, and according to the information received by the members of H Cotation.

4.Duties of artists labelled H Cotation

All artists labelled H Cotation must keep the members of H Cotation informed by e-mail through an information form. Any change or evolution of career that might affect the Historical Rating and the Investment Potential of the artist must be notified.

5.Restrictions on artists labelled H Cotation

It is strictly forbidden to post remarks or photographies that are forbidden by the French Law (glorification of terrorism, violation of privacy, pornography in all its forms, etc.), 

 It is also forbidden to provide false or dubious biographical information.


H Cotation is about giving customers and online visitors clear, precise and complete information thanks to the H Cotation website. Given the fact that it provides an exhaustive biography and a Historical Rating, the website is considered a reference for the artist’s information.

Any artist who is a member of the H Cotation Label will have to have an artist profile with updated information.

Any person who would like to know the Historical Rating of a labelled artist must have the opportunity to obtain this information on the H Cotation website, and only on it ( However, the Historical Rating and the Investment Potential of an artist can be mentioned on different media, only if this information is initially posted on the H Cotation website.


The members of the simplified joint-stock company (SAS) Data H Cotation (DHC) have many years of experience in the world of art : art historian, art market, fine art collection, head of fashion, etc.

The members of H Cotation undertake to quickly and fully take into account the customers’ demands, according to the subscription to which the customers agreed.

1.The members of H Cotation commit themselves to

Create an artist’s profile to the concerned customer,

Keep the information the customer provided up to date,

Translate the artist’s profile into the languages available (optional),

Calculate the Historical Rating and the Investment Potential of the artist; A quick answer to any question in a 10 days period time, from the reception of the membership fees

To put a contact link towards the e-mail address and/or the personal website of the customer.

2.Valorisation of the artist’s work

Addition of the biography, pictures of the work and Historical Rating of the artist on the H Cotation online database.

The members of H Cotation undertake to respect the artistic career of the artist and to fulfil the conditions imposed by the subscription concerned.

5. Guide for the artist labelled H Cotation

The subscription to the H Cotation Label means the artist accepts the following rules:

1. To respect the 19 criteria of the rating grid,

2. To create original and personal artworks that are not plagiarised on existing art works,

3. To sell original artworks, except for engravings, serigraphs, and lithographies,

4. To not sell any copy without having notified the buyer beforehand,

5. To present neat, quality artworks,

6. To countersign the artworks, as far as possible,

7. To provide a certificate of authenticity for each piece, with the name of the buyer and the picture of the artwork in question,

8. To provide a receipt for the artwork at the time of the sell,

9. In case of a commission, the artist must undertake to deliver the artwork(s) within the deadline the two parties initially agreed to,

10. It is the artist’s duty to answer a buyer, as well as the members of H Cotation, within a reasonable time,

11. To keep the members of H Cotation informed about any evolution of career in order to recalculate the Historical Rating, if need be,

12. To mention and/or present the logo of the H Cotation label next to the work presented during expositions and private viewings,

13. To keep the information about the artworks clear, detailed and up to date,

 The artwork price is independent from the Historical Rating and from the Investment Potential. However, it is highly recommended to choose a price consistent with the Historical Rating and the Investment Potential,

 To not post any remarks or photographies forbidden by the French Law (glorification of terrorism, violation of privacy, pornography in all its forms, etc.).


The company does not assume any problem between the art collector, or the buyer, and the artist. The working principles of the charter are authoritative.


An e-mail address is provided for that purpose.


1.Contract duration

H Cotation’s contract is free of commitment. You can end it at any time.

De facto, payement for a subscription to the H Cotation Label is considered an acceptation of the present charter.

2.Termination of your contract with H Cotation.

A notification letter sent by recorded delivery to H Cotation is sufficient to terminate the subscription. It will automatically lead to the suppression of the artist’s profile and the end of all the advantages linked the H Cotation Label.

H Cotation reserves the right to terminate a contract if a customer does not honour the payment or does not respect the principles of this charter.

Une cotation fiable sur
la carrière de l'artiste

Notre système de cotation évalue l’artiste et non l’œuvre réalisée par l’artiste. Ceci est un système d'évaluation pertinent sur la durée car il prend en compte l'évolution de l'artiste et les informations nouvelles le concernant.  

Une évaluation sur
le long terme

Notre approche, centrée sur l'artiste, se veut globale. La cotation historique et la critique artistique situent l’artiste dans l’histoire de l’art. L’implication de l’artiste dans son travail est la clé d’une bonne cotation historique.

Selon des critères objectifs

Les 19 critères retenus pour l'évaluation de l’artiste sont liés entre autres à son parcours, ses formations, ses rencontres, son rayonnement dans l’art. Nos données se veulent vérifiables, pertinentes et exhaustives.

Une anticipation sur
la valeur d'une œuvre

Désormais, il est possible de connaitre la place d'un artiste dans le l'histoire de l'art. Notre système d'évaluation est un excellent outil d'aide à la décision qui pourra vous aidez à choisir un artiste qui vous plait mais aussi sur lequel vous pourrez investir.